Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Virtual Assistant and do I need one?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who helps take care of the administrative and technical side of your business or personal life. A VA assists you or your business on a contractual basis from a remote location.
Almost anyone can benefit from a VA!

  • What are the benefits of a VA?

Work with The Admin Side to eliminate time spent hiring and managing another employee, boost customer satisfaction, increase your productivity, and elevate your professional image.

  • Why do you request payment upfront?

Clients who pay in full get our undivided attention. Simply put, this gives you the assurance of knowing there is dedicated time for completion of your work for that month.

  • Why would I want a VA if it costs more than someone onsite?

When you’re comparing plans, you may wonder what value you’ll receive for a price range of $18.00/hour to $40/hour. After all, isn’t it cheaper to hire someone to just work at your office?

This isn’t a true “apples-to-apples” comparison, though. That’s because you’re only factoring in the wage you pay your onsite assistant. You need to also consider the cost of office equipment, overhead, any benefits or perks you provide, and then there is the additional costs of your time during the hiring, training, reviewing (and, sometimes, even firing) process. At The Admin Side, you work with a VA that’s already been trained, complete with a home office and the necessary software to get the job done. This doesn’t cost you a dime in overhead.

  • How will I be billed?

Upon signing the contract you will be sent an invoice with the amount owed for the package you selected. You can choose to pay in two installments or pay the full amount upfront. That is half of the amount owned before work is started, and the remainder after two weeks.

  • How do you track the time spent on my project?

A computer-based, time tracking software is used, so that every task is tracked down to the minute. You only pay for the time used. These reports are sent to you on a weekly/monthly basis.

  • What if I don’t use all the hours I purchased?

Remainder hours are valid for 30 days.

  • How do I know that my business and customer details will be safe?

Confidentiality is an important part of our business. We offer all clients a legally binding NDA (non-disclosure agreement). We take all security and privacy issues very seriously and stringently insist on the utmost professionalism at all times.

  • What is the time-frame involved for start-up?

Once we have your details we immediately begin to organize your support. This will ensure the smoothest possible transition from your company to our support services.

Interested In Working Together?

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